Case Study

Project: RG Tanna Coal Terminal

Completed by:
ACR Technologies
Gladstone, Queensland
October 2021 - Present
Head Stock and Pile Dimensions
Headstock Length:
Pile Length:
Pile Diameter:
Project details
Removal of Coal Tar Epoxy
Coating Thickness 1000-3000 microns
  • 1 x RPR induction unit

  • 1x Water Cooling unit

  • 1x 100kva Generator

2 x crew members
(10-hour shifts, 6 days a week)
RG Tanna Coal TerminalRPR Technologies logo
The RG Tanna Coal Terminal (RGTCT) is one of eight main wharf centres at the Port of Gladstone in Queensland. Originally known as Clinton Coal Facility, the RG Tanna Coal Terminal was approved for construction in 1976-77 when BHP Co Ltd advised it had secured long term contracts for the sale of coking coal to Japanese steel mills. In its first full year of operation in 1980-81, the terminal exported 4.3 million tons of coal.

Over the past few years ACR Tech has been subcontracted by Downers to assist them in the refurbishment of their wharf. This process includes removing the old Coal Tar Epoxy coating that covers the headstock and piles that hole the wharf over the water, repairing any damaged areas and the reapplying a fresh coating to project the steel into the future.
Project Work
ACR Tech has been tasked with a full coating removal of each of the headstocks and 4 attached piles with the use of our heat induction equipment. Each of these headstocks is fully scaffolded to allow for easy access. After this has been completed, we then begin the coating removal process. Each Headstock covers around 350m2 of surface areas which we completely remove over a 6-day period.

Once ACR Tech has completed the coating removal process, Downers then proceed to abrasive blast the surface and apply the new coating.
RG Tanna Coal Terminal
RG Tanna Coal Terminal
By using this method first, we drastically increased the rate of removal of this coating. Averaging around 7-8m2 an hour, we were a lot faster than traditional coating removal methods which were achieving only 1-2m2 an hour depending on the coating thickness in areas.

This saved the client a lot of time on the project and drastically reduced the amount of garnet that would have otherwise been used to complete these headstocks. This in turn is another time saver ads the client has much less garnet to recover after the abrasive blasting process is complete.
This is an ongoing project ACR Tech remains committed to over the next few years. We have a fantastic relationship with the clients on site and with a great team in place we can efficiently and effectively assist R G Tanna with this project through to the end.

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