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Induction Coating Removal

The world’s fastest, safest and cleanest method for removing paint and coatings from steel surfaces.
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ACR Tech are your trusted partner in cutting-edge technology solutions for coating removal, and the home of RPR Induction Coating Removal - the future of efficient and eco-friendly surface preparation. With a relentless commitment to innovation, ACR Tech is dedicated to revolutionizing the way industries approach coating removal challenges. Our RPR Induction Coating Removal system is designed to deliver unprecedented precision, speed, and sustainability in removing coatings from a wide range of surfaces.

Our Expertise

ACR tech exclusively delivers RPR induction stripping technology Australia wide; a proven method for removing industrial coatings more efficiently and safely while significantly reducing waste and environmental hazards from traditional methods.

An Australian owned and operated company, providing you a faster, safer, cleaner process for removing industrial coatings from steel.

How It Works

Utilizing innovative induction technology, heat is generated directly into the steel substrate allowing the coating bond to be broken.

The coating is removed without it disintegrating and without additional blast media. Enabling a completely waste free removal process to traditional methods.

The RPR System

The RPR system has proved very effective on steel structures, offshore and live pipeline projects around the world removing all types of industrial coatings.
The RPR system is an approved lead and asbestos removal process that doesn’t generate additional waste and minimises environmental impact.
Perfectly suited for the removal of;
High Build Epoxies
Passive Fire Protection
Polyurea, Lead
Coal Tar
Glass Flake
Asbestos Wraps
Rubber Lining
Ceramic Tiles
Induction Coating Removal example Steel
Induction Coating Removal example Steel beam
Induction Coating Removal example Steel beam


Coating removal effective on pipes and live pipeline projects. With patented safety features, our systems are approved for use, even on live oil and gas pipelines. Efficiently removes coal tar, ebonite, rubber and 3LPE/3LPP – up to a thickness of 25mm.


ACR Tech coating removal techniques can quickly and safely remove any hazardous components such as asbestos, PCB and lead which require strict containment measures. This process poses no risks of contamination to air, land or water.


Effective for the removal of anti-skid systems, tank linings and thick coatings on ship hulls and decks, car decks and helicopter decks. ACR Tech’s coating removal process can even be completed at sea, with coatings removed in pieces or strips and disposed of responsibly.


ACR Tech induction coating removal is ideal for the fast and effective stripping of large surfaces or for the inspection of welding seams in storage tanks. This process is highly suitable for confined spaces and/or remote locations.


The ACR Tech coating removal process is highly suitable for bridges. It involves the fast transfer of energy to the steel substrate resulting in a controlled/safe heating of the surface and fast removal of most types of coatings up to a thickness of 25mm.


RPR induction coating removal techniques reduce downtime and maintenance interruptions. It is suitable for tanks, gangways, decks, heli-pads and fire-protected areas. Strips or pieces are removed and disposed of in an environmentally-friendly ways.
The RPR system is the first alternative paint removal process that actually performs as promised. It’s fast, silent, dust free, and doesn’t disturb surrounding workers. It’s the kind of product that is taking our business to the next level.
Mick Reardon
Director - AB & P (Tasmania)

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